About us

A club with ambition

The hockey club HC Tilburg was founded on July 6, 2011 and was created through a merger of the two hockey clubs TMHC Tilburg (October 2, 1925) and TMHC Forward (17 December 1930).
The merger club currently has about 2,300 members and is therefore in the top 5 largest hockey associations in the Netherlands.
The first men’s team plays in the league, the highest level that we have in the Netherlands. The first women’s team plays in the First Division. The goal is that both teams eventually end up in the league.

A professional approach

The sporty performance of these teams have a positive effect in the region. That is shown by the spectators who attend matches and also the attraction that the club exerts on talented hockey players and hockeysters. For the guidance of selecting players and the players association is a professional device available to trainers, coaches and medical support team. HC Tilburg has a listening ear and wants to deal as effectively as possible with tinted social issues that relate to hockey.


HC Tilburg features 3 water fields, 3 semi-water fields, 1 sand court and 2 mini-fields and 9 jeu de boule courts.



Naam: Karin
Functie: voorzitter


Naam: Rick
Functie: Facility management


avatar Naam: Lenneke
Functie: Performance en design
avatar Naam: Joris
Functie: Hoofd gebakken eieren